Monday, 14 October 2013

Emerging parasitic zoonoses in Estonia, and why the Northern Big Brother should be concerned

On Thursday, October 17th, Brian Lassen will hold a seminar at Evira Headquarters, Mustialankatu 3, Viikki, in Kalevi lecture hall, at 15.00-16.00, about EMERGING PARASITIC ZOONOSES IN ESTONIA, AND WHY THE NORTHERN BIG BROTHER SHOULD BE CONCERNED.

The talk will be on emerging, re-emerging and endemic parasitic zoonoses in Estonia, some of them well-known also in Finland, some with evident potential to spread into Finland.


  1. For those who missed the presentation, some of the data presented has already been published as abstracts:, page 100, title: „Zoonotic parasite infections among Estonian veterinarians compared with general population“. page 226, title:“Toxoplasma gondii antibody prevalence in Estonian wild boar“.

  2. Parasites as an integral part of the biodiversity!

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